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A sample was taken from Clevedon Marine Lake on Monday 22nd July and the results indicate that the water quality in the lake is currently poor.

Test results are shared to allow lake users to make an informed decision about entering the water.  Anyone choosing to swim is advised to wear ear plugs and goggles to protect against infection.  All visitors having contact with the lake water are advised to wash or cleanse hands before eating.

The sample taken on 22nd July showed raised levels of enterococci, a naturally occurring bacteria normally present in sea bathing waters.  With lots of people enjoying the lake, sediment from the lakebed has been stirred up.  Combined with storm run-off and the hot weather, bacteria levels have risen.  Although UV in sunlight kills off harmful bacteria, it is only effective at surface level where the light can penetrate.

It is recommended that the public do not swim in the lake until the water has refreshed.  The lake will be drained on Wednesday 31st July so that it can refresh that evening at around 7pm with water from the Severn Estuary – and repeatedly during the next sequence of overtops between 31st July and 5th August.

The water quality will be retested on 7th August, after the overtops.

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