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We took a sample of water from Clevedon Marine Lake on July 10th, and we’re pleased to report that the test shows that the water is still excellent.

What does this mean?

Bathing water quality standards are set by the EU. They tell us how much bacteria can be in the water without harming our health. When the water quality is excellent, that means that there are very low levels of harmful bacteria and the water is safe to swim in.

Help us keep the lake clean

There are a few things that you can do to help keep the water clean and safe for all:

  • Wash before you go for a swim and try not to use lots of moisturiser, sun cream, hair oils etc before swimming
  • Make sure that no dogs go in or around the lake: animals carry bacteria
  • Take your litter home with you
  • Avoid over-crowding: if the lake’s really busy, come back another time
When will the water get tested next?

The next test will be after the tide tops over the lake on July 27th.

Water quality is excellent

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