Clevedon Marine Lake: Powered by volunteers

Clevedon Marine Lake is run by a charity called Marlens. It costs us £10k a year just to keep the lake ticking over, plus another £10k a year to make it even better.

Your donation will help pay for the things we do every week, like:

  • Dredging the mud out of the lake
  • Tools to help keep the lake clean and litter-free
  • Water quality tests
  • Repairs and maintenance

It will also help us improve the lake so that everyone can enjoy it, such as:

  • Adding new benches
  • Updating the signs around the lake
  • Putting in new steps
  • Adding disabled changing facilities, a classroom and disabled hoist (plans in progress!)

Ways to donate

Donate by using Everyclick.

Marlens Charity Number: 1156426

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Become a member

Show your love for the lake by becoming a member. So why not invest and share in the lake’s future facilities and get some extras too?

Play the lottery

Take your chances on our lottery, donate to the lake and be in with a chance of winning something back.

Like to know what’s going on?

Lake location

Clevedon Marine Lake
off Old Church Road
Clevedon BS21 7TU

OS Grid Reference

ST 39695 70900