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Happy crabbing

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Crabbing can be an enjoyable way to introduce young children to the marine ecology when done responsibly, so here are some guidelines on good crabbing.

DO’s and DON’Ts

Don’t put too many crabs in one bucket. Stick to 5 per bucket.
Don’t store your bucket in the sun.
Don’t keep them all day long – return them to sea after an hour.
Don’t use a line with a hook on. Either tie a small amount of bait on or use an old pair of tights/bit of net to hold it in.

Do use crabbing bait like bacon sparingly and clean up any scraps.
Do add rocks and seaweed to the bucket to help replicate the crab’s natural environment and reduce stress.
Do hold your crab correctly – gently hold it either side of its shell or pick it up with one finger on top of the shell and one finger underneath – avoiding the claws.
Do remove any crabs which are fighting – male crabs tend to be more aggressive than the females.
Do remember to take all your equipment and rubbish home with you.

REMEMBER: People swim in Clevedon Marine Lake every day, so please consider carefully what bait you use. Ask yourself if you’d feel happy swimming near it? Raw chicken contains harmful bacteria such as salmonella and E. Coli so shouldn’t ever be used.

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