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Lake celebrations!

Crowds of people came to Clevedon Marine Lake for Lake and Pier Day 2022. Thanks to beautiful weather and a packed programme of entertainment and events, the day was a true celebration of Clevedon at its finest.

Boats, music and mermaids

Visitors enjoyed music from North Somerset Samba and Tim Stubbs, a synchronised swimming performance by Almost Synchro and a show of model boats from Clevedon and District Model Boat Club. There was also a visit from Typewriter Man who wrote poems for families inspired by a word of their choice.

For the younger visitors, there was a very special visit from a real-life mermaid who swam down the lake and then sat on the lakeside to tell the children a story.

Around the lake, there were stalls and games, and children were able to learn about eco-friendly crabbing and catch a few crabs themselves.

On the water

Visitors were also able to try out some of the water activities that take place at Clevedon Marine Lake. Swimming coaches Rowan Clarke Outdoor Swim Coach, Laura Nesbitt Outlaur Swim Coaching, Jackie King Performance Coaching, Mental Health Swims and Global Swim Adventures ran swimming sessions for all ages and abilities.

On the water, people of all ages tried out kayaking and rowing with Clevedon Canoe Club and Clevedon Coastal Rowers.

The RNLI was also there to give talks on water safety.

The Hive

Another draw to the lake was the brand new Hive. Visitors were able to get a special preview of the soon-to-be-open volunteer space and accessible changing room for people with disabilities and learn from its project manager about how the project is going. Project manager, Hilary Jenkins-Spangler and trustee Donna Littleton, who uses a wheelchair and hopes to be one of the first people to use the new facilities when they open next month, were on-hand to chat to potential users.

On top of all this, Clevedon’s beautiful pier had free entry all day long.

Join in: Lake and Pier Day

Clevedon’s Lake and Pier Day is back in 2022 and it’s bigger and better than ever before!

After a two-year hiatus for lockdown, Clevedon Marine Lake is joining forces with Clevedon Pier to celebrate Clevedon’s beautiful, historic seafront.

On May 7th from 10-4pm, Clevedon Pier will have free entry. The programme for the day is:

Learn about the lake and have a go at water activities. A fun day-long festival to celebrate the lake and raise money for the charity that looks after it.

Have a go—drop-in sessions
 Stalls and shows
  • 10am—North Somerset Samba
  • 10.30am – Almost Synchro Synchronised swimming performance
  • 11.30am—Story time with a real mermaid!
  • 12-1pm & 3-4pm – Clevedon and District Model Boaters’ display
  • Typewriter man peronalised poetry
  • Music from North Somerset Samba and Tim Stubbs
  • RNLI Tombola
  • Marlens summer fair games
  • Tours of the Hive volunteer space and accessible facilities.
  • Free entry to Clevedon Pier

We can’t wait to welcome you.

Register here for swim sessions. Even if these sessions are full, there will still be spaces on the day. No need to book other activities.

Clevedon Marine Lake AGM

Clevedon Marine Lake is run by a charity, Marlens. On Thursday 7th April 2022, we are holding our Annual General Meeting at 6.30pm in St Andrew’s Church Centre. All members and volunteers have been invited, and anyone is welcome to join.

After the AGM formalities, there will be the opportunity to discuss ideas and feedback for the future of the marine lake. This discussion will influence the new 3-year business strategy, which will be published following the meeting.

Please email if you would like a copy of the trustees’ and treasurer’s reports.


  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Approve Minutes of Previous AGM (21st March 2022)
  3. Trustees Report
  4. Financial Report
  5. Election of Trustees & Officers

Our constitution requires that one third of the trustees retire at each AGM.

Retiring: Tim Clouter (to be re-elected)

Mike Perrott (to be re-elected)

Myles Podimore (to be re-elected)

Rowan Clarke (to be re-elected)

Re-election Rowan Clarke: Proposed by Quentin Crewe, seconded by Hilary Jenkins-Spangler

Mike Perrott: Proposed by Rowan Clarke, seconded by Hilary Jenkins-Spangler

Myles Podimore: Proposed by Rowan Clarke, seconded by Hilary Jenkins-Spangler

Quentin Crewe: Proposed by Rowan Clarke, seconded by Hilary Jenkins-Spangler

We have the following Trustee candidates, who need to be approved by members :


  Sharon Dean: Proposed by Rowan Clarke, seconded by Tim Clouter

Mike Farmer: Proposed by Rowan Clarke, seconded by Mike Perrott

Lily Southam: Proposed by Rowan Clarke, seconded by Tim Clouter

Other roles Linda Knott will be stepping down as President and Joe Norman will be resuming this honorary position.



  1. Member Resolutions – none have been received.
  2. Open forum:
  • The Hive and Eco pods project
  • Activity on the lake
  • Events and fundraising
  • Ideas and feedback


Lighting up the lake

December 4th will see the return of Light Up the Lake. Join us for a lantern procession, music, fire dancing and twinkling lights on the water. There will also be food and drink.

4.30pm – The lantern procession starts from the pier with music from North Somerset Samba. Join us with your homemade lanterns. Everyone welcome.

5.15pm – Nightglow on the lake. Watch the lights as swimmers and boats take to the water covered in twinkling lights.

5.30pm –  Fire and LED circus performance from Darklyte Fire Collective

(Please stay away from the lake’s edge during the night glow and fire show.)

Free event. All proceeds go to Clevedon Marine Lake.


Water quality excellent despite crowds

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at Clevedon Marine Lake. From dawn to dusk, people have been arriving in their droves to swim, paddleboard and enjoy being by the water.

Over the last few years, crowds plus warm water temperatures have led to a drop in water quality. But, not this year. We have been taking regular samples to be tested at a local lab and the water quality has remained ‘excellent’.

Safe and fun

Keeping the lake safe and clean is our priority. Every morning, our volunteers clean up litter from the day before. But this hasn’t been easy. Not only have people been leaving lots of litter, but also broken glass and even dog poo. This is dangerous for people with bare feet, children playing and risks affecting the water quality.

You can help

To help us keep our lake clean and safe for everyone, please:

  • take all litter home with you or use the big wheelie bins on the upper promenade
  • don’t bring your dog to the lake
  • avoid single-use plastics where you can
  • don’t bring glass bottles
  • buy wooden crabbing lines
  • keep barbecues off the ground (they damage the concrete when hot)

You can also donate to support our charity’s work or volunteer to help the morning clear-up.

If you’re spot anything that’s broken or damaged, please get in touch. If you’re concerned about anti-social behaviour at the lake you can report it to Avon and Somerset Police here.

Get stuck in!

Every year, we drain the lake to remove the silt build-up. But this is also our chance to clean seaweed and algae off the steps, fix broken or worn fittings, add new features and facilities… and search through the mud for lost property!

All this work is done by a team of volunteers. And you can help too. On Saturday 20th March, we will meet by the lock-up on the upper-promenade near the coastguard’s hut from 9 am. Or, you can turn up at any point and ask a volunteer in a turquoise tabard what you can do.

The drain down timetable

Friday 19th March:

  • Open penstock, 9-10 am and put out barriers.
  • Close penstock, 7 pm.


Saturday 20th March, 9 am to 6 pm: 

  • Open lower lake penstock to drain out residual water, then close it
  • Search lake bed for lost property and bring anything of value to the shuttered
    shelter to be recorded
  • Remove debris from lake bed. Check the edges carefully for broken glass
  • Scrub weed from steps and handrails, using wire brushes
  • Tighten bolts
  • Pressure wash splash pool and slipway

Monday 22nd to Friday 26th March:

  • Digger to remove silt from the lake bed. No public access during this time.

Friday 26th March 6 pm onwards (after digger finishes):

  • Re-position any buoys which have been disturbed by the dredging.

Saturday 27 March 9 am-12

Note: High tide (6 am, 6.15 pm) may start to refill the lake depending on the weather.

  • Clean mud off the lower promenade
  • Remove mud left by the digger on the ramps and upper promenade
  • Put up flags on all the remaining flagpoles
  • Remove barriers

The lake will refill from the overtopping tide at 7.30 am on Sunday 28th March.

Voluntary work is allowed under government guidance. Please make sure that you keep socially distanced, bring your hand sanitiser and your own gardening or rubber gloves. Please don’t come if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of coronavirus, or if you have been told to self-isolate.

All ages and abilities are welcome. Volunteering work is done at your own risk.

Can’t help this time?

Please consider donating to Marlens, the charity that looks after the lake.

Water quality is excellent

Latest tests of the bathing water quality at Clevedon Marine Lake show that it is now excellent. This means that the sample of water that we tested on June 23rd has very low levels of bacteria, and the lake meets EU standards.

This is great news. It follows a period of low water quality where there were too many bacteria for safe bathing. The change is likely to have happened because UV (ultra-violet) light kills bacteria and because fewer people swam in the lake because of the water quality warning.

Help keep the lake clean

You can help keep the lake clean by following a few simple rules:

  • No dogs in or around the lake – dogs carry germs
  • Take your litter home
  • Avoid overcrowding – if the lake is too busy, come back later